Welcome to the Trackmania Grand League

The Ubisoft Nadeo Team is very happy to host the 1st season of the TMGL, starring 16 teams with their players and streamers. We wish them all the best of luck! 

The TMGL 2020 Season is divided in two stages:
– Regular season: 6 online steps, every Sunday from January 5th, to February 9th with all 16 players
– Playoffs: on February 28th, at Lyon e-sport event (France), with the Top 8 players of the regular season

Join the competition as a spectator.

You are invited to watch the matches streamed in 6 languages by 16 different streamers and support your favorite champions!

Are you a player?

You can join the competition by playing in the Trackmania Open Grand League every Saturday, from January 11th, to February 15th. You can also simply connect on Trackmania Grand League servers to try out the official tracks. 

 Have fun everyone!

Connect to the Trackmania Grand League Server

You need Trackmania to join the server